Playroom is Norway's
Best Event Management Agency!
Awarded by the HSMAI Event Awards 2015

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • How we do it
  • Why we do it
  • A nice company
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    Who we are

    Playroom is driven by people who seek to create an impact with their work. All our employees have the courage, skills and enthusiasm necessary to help our clients excel. Our common attribute is contagious amounts of positive energy!

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    What we do

    In Playroom, we produce experiences that trigger engagement. We assist our clients in telling the important stories. We supply all facets of event services for a variety of distinguished clients, both domestic and internationally. Playroom services all types of production arenas, be it conferences, kick-offs or anniversaries, grand congresses or even the smallest meetings.

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    How we do it

    We dare to challenge our clients to unorthodox approaches,
 finding new platforms for communicating both internally and externally, 
and together we strive towards a common goal, 
to create a sustainable impact upon their business environments. Our prime contribution is conceptualization and content, determinable project management, playful creative direction and 100% reliable technical production.


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    Why we do it

    Pride, knowledge, ethics.
    Three simple words, essential for the founding of Playroom, and decisive for the way we run our business today. Our aim is to work with clients who envision their company like we do, that it’s function is important, that it’s managed responsibly, and that it’s employees are crucial for the success of the enterprise.

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    Playroom is
    a nice company

    nice is a constellation of 28 Nordic production companies, leading within their fields of television, advertising, event and entertainment production.

    nice consists of companies throughout the Nordic region. In Norway alone, nice produces large portions of your prime time TV entertainment, numerous award-winning commercials, over 100 events annually, and we manage the careers of a variety of celebrity entertainers. The best minds have the best ideas. Together, we can tell your story anywhere.

    nice is owned by MTG, Modern Times Group, an international entertainment broadcasting group with operations that span four continents and include free-TV, pay-TV, radio and content production businesses. MTG is a growth company and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm stock exchange.

Playroom is a value driven company

Our Values

Reliable (Pålitelig)
Playful (Leken)
Ambitious (Ambisiøs)
Humble (Ydmyk)

Playroom is a value driven company.
We are proud of our values.
They define a common method,
for all our employees,
on all our productions.

Playroom produces events that create impact

  • Creating Impact
  • Conference and Congress
  • Participation, Involvement and Reward
  • Creative Direction
  • Form and Content
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    Creating Impact

    The key to a successful event is to convey meaningful and understandable content. This creates an engagement among the employees, and engaged employees generate value for the company.

    A successful event is not an expense to be accounted, but an investment with immediate and measurable value. We contribute to clarifying key messages, engaging and motivating. We establish a more inclusive and generous social setting than expected, so when the company signature is tastefully implemented throughout the event, we produce experiences that last.

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    Conference and Congress

    We have the most experienced production team in the country, ready to create your next event.

    Our project managers and producers have executed events in a great diversity of locations. We produce conferences for a number of Norway’s most professional corporations, for small groups with a handful of participants, or when massing tens of thousands. We’ve organized congresses all across Europe, in the USA, and in all major cities domestically. We have the network we need, regardless of destination. Our knowledge and professionalism has been sharpened through years of organizing multiple signal conferences for the most demanding of clients.

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    Participation, Involvement and Reward

    A successful event is often mentioned as the annual highlight for an employee. This is where the culture is nurtured, and where they gain the certainty that they’ve chosen the right company to work for, an important one.

    We see events as possibilities. Important possibilities, to showcase company managers and their dedication. Possibilities to let the employees communicate, assess, evaluate, share and engage. Possibilities to create a safer common platform – mutually owned and accepted. It is through participation and involvement that the reward is experienced. We have the background, the knowledge and the tools to create these experiences. Rewarded employees are inclined to commit for the road ahead.

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    Creative Direction and Dramaturgy

    The grand opening, the recurring theme and the unforgettable closing remarks all encompass the total experience. The best stories are often retold.

    Our business is storytelling. It’s all about creating dramatic, enthusiastic, believable presentations. An event portraying the reality of market challenges finding solutions in company values, missions and ambitions will come across far better than simple promises of a brighter tomorrow. In close dialogue with our clients, we customize events that genuinely mean something to their participants. A good story is not fictional, it’s real, it’s fun, it’s daring, and you learn something from it. We help tell stories that matter, stories that gain followers. A story you can believe in.

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    Form and Content

    Playroom designs magical moments. We create form and content by merging a diversity of elements which in unison give greater meaning. Sometimes provocative or clarifying, but always specific and relevant.

    Event communication combines a number of different elements. We conceptualize, name and profile, we produce films, digital applications and animations. We build presentations along with our clients, creating the correct illustrations to clarify their messages. We write scripts and coach speakers. The results are convincing, authentic, and generate an immediate measurable effect of the event.

    We are production designers. We plan all physical elements that build the framework of the production. Design of sound, lighting, AV, staging, scenography, decorations and effects, branding, stands and exhibition areas, we organize entertainment, catering, transport and all the total logistics. Magical moments are not experienced by circumstance, but by thorough preparation and faultless execution.

Our employees are our greatest strength and asset

Acting Managing Director
Cell: +47 957 34 771

Senior Advisor
Cell: +47 41 50 70 00

Producer / Creative Advisor
Cell: +47 98 09 44 62

Creative Advisor
Cell: +47 98 01 80 31

Senior Project Manager
Cell: +47 92 86 26 98

Senior Project Manager
Cell: +47 41 07 98 39

Project Manager
Cell: +47 97 89 94 98

Project Manager
Cell: + 47 97 07 17 17

Senior Producer
Cell: +47 90 78 02 74

Senior Producer
Cell: +47 92 65 27 91

Cell: +47 97 03 96 57

Cell: +47 45 42 26 09

Booking Coordinator
( on leave )
Cell + 47 92 81 48 51

Head of Accounting
Cell: +47 95 81 16 12
Dir: +47 22 88 81 98

We create magical moments!


Playroom is a company in the nice Entertainment Group.
We work in a pleasant office environment
next to the Akerselva river in central Oslo,
We share offices with our nice friends in
Monster and One Big Happy Family.

You're very welcome to visit!

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